my Sears Story

This days everyone bashing the Sears it like we no longer in Canada… all my adult life in Canada I shopped at Sears and my wife crazy about Kenmore Brand… most items in my home we purchase from Sears and almost everything is Kenmore…. I do still have good experiences with the Sears Canada but I wanna tell you my story few years ago I purchase Kenmore Fridge and got protection agreement for it… I never use my warranty on the Fridge. after last day of the expiration of the protection agreement I called and receive full value back via certificate/”coupon” must be used for something worth twice the coupon’s value. We need Washer and Dryer, but my local Sears Cobourg Store no longer open… 3 of May I got surgery and I’m still healing from it (as due to my diabetes it heals very very slow) I could not travel long distance to the Sears Home Store to use my certificate/coupon to get Washer and Dryer… ( coupon valid for 90 days) I call Sears 1-800 number got transfered to Call Centre in the Manila and get no resolution to my problem… as I try to explained my problem to the CSR whom was more interested in chatting with his friends in Tagalog… I did not give up and started looking to find some one in Canada – Canadian Sears Employee – whom respect our value and offer true Sears Canadian Quality Customer Service… after transferring back and forth by luck of the draw I got connected to the very pleasant Canadian lady Christine W from the Sears Canada – Executive Offices… She understood my problem and I got feeling of Normal Canadian talking to other Normal Canadian – human empathy as I get treated like valued, respected customer – right away by Christine W Executive Offices – Sears Canada as she started working to get resolution/solution to my problem – to get me washer and dryer … I mailed my certificate/coupon to her following after by call with my credit card information she process the order for washer and dryer – price matching the washer price with my local Home Depot Store, arranged delivery in the timely manner and install of the new washer and dryer and disposal of the old washer and dryer, last Friday I got automated call about Saturday delivery this Saturday two friendly Canadian Sears delivery guys came remove my old washer and dryer and installed /Setup up new washer and dryer. My wife loves her new washer and dryer. I’m very very happy with Sears Canada and very very thankful to Christine W Executive Offices – Sears Canada for her help and assistance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! many many thanks, many thanks to Christine W Executive Offices – Sears Canada…
ps: to all you Sears basher/Internet troll’s – I wrote my positive experience story on my own accord about my personal experience with Sears Canada and Sears Employee Christine W Executive Offices – Sears Canada and other CANADIAN’S Sears Canada employees… as CANADIAN I’m expressing my personal opinion based on the true statements of the facts… as Canadian I would love to see Sears Canada Survive and come back strong while continue employing Canadians – using simple idea – Canadian first… I do speak Polish/Ukrainian/Russian/English and understand Hebrew/Farsi/German/Spanish, I do understand basics in Tagalog (as my boss treated me like his family and I do love to learn)
I do prefer communicate my story in English as Canadian… in my books Bashing Sears it not a Canadian Way of life… Making assumptions based on twisted information is not right way to treat each other online… We living in strange times, as this days everyone have opinion about opinion but not the facts… ( news no longer news – it opinion of the newscast) bottom line people stop treating each other like a human being… as consumer I vote with my money… I vote Sears I do hope Sears Canada will survive… from my youth days I got schooled in one little very old book – called Art of War and most important thing I learned is to win any battle is to respect your Enemy… not making assumption or let your enemy live in you head. I based my opinion on Sears Canada on the true facts… My true Sears Story… #truesearsstory #loveserascanada #hopesearssurvive #searscanada #SearsKenmore #Sears #VoteSearsCanada #searsstay #searshope #Canadiansfirst #searsforcanada #Canada #Canadians
Sears Canada reply to my post on facebook:”Sears Canada Hi Alex, thanks so much for the detailed post. I’ve passed your warm compliments to Christine and our management team; she is one of a kind! So glad you love the washer/dryer. Take care! *Rebecca”  – 
my reply: “Rebecca @ Sears Canada – Please do give warm compliments to Christine and let Sears Canada HQ know I do wanna give – thank you, many thanks to Sears Employee Christine W Executive Offices!!! in my mind as Canadian I trust We need our Canadian Sears Store’s Stay open continue to employing Canadians and continue selling Kenmore brand but for Sears Canada to survive and Sears as a Global Canadian company to strive and prosper Sears Canada must have much more employees like Christine W Executive Offices – Sears Canada. as Christine W Executive Offices – Sears Canada do have right Canadian approach to solve my problem and provide resolution to my/my family great satisfaction with Sears Canada… bottom line how I see it – Sears Canada not a Titanic how our opinionated media try to portray it. and I do hope Sears Canada will survive but to survive or win any battle Commander must have under his command in his unit right trained GI with ability to communicate and understand/follow his orders – to communicate right way as both parties must be on the same page and comprehend each other… Sending Canadian Customers calls to offshore call centres is not a right way to deliver traditional Sears Canada quality of customer service. Sears Canada do need more call center CSR/employees like Christine W Executive Offices – Sears Canada, who understand and share our tradition and national Canadian values as Canadians not divided by race/color/creed/religion… I’m saying it as I see it… We living in the time of Cyber Wars as Unfriendly Nations/country’s/groups/people to our way of life no longer use weapons – they use ideas/propaganda/internet to destroy our way of life and diminish our North American (USA/Canada) values trying to destroy us anyway possible by using any means… if Sears Canada fail it be very great ripple effect across our economy and disruption to our Canadian way of life… aslo I do think it will affect some parts of the USA economy… Healthy economy based on Competition…#truesearsstory #loveserascanada #hopesearssurvive #searscanada#SearsKenmore #Sears #VoteSearsCanada #searsstay #searshope#Canadiansfirst #searsforcanada #Canada #Canadians

ps: to internet trolls/Sears Canada bashers – I’m not a racist, McCarthyism supporter or communist supporter… Nor I’m member of any political party or any labor union … I’m not black, I’m not white, I feel comfortable in church/synagogue /mosque/Twelve Tribes of Israel Church… I’m CANADIAN and saying as I see it… as Canadians We need Sears Canada… – just my humble opinion based on the true facts and my basic education… “