safe solution if you travel with your drone

few days ago I ordered – as I travel a lot and wanna be safe when I take my drone with me …. I look for solution to be safe and Travel Safety Pack for DJI Mavic Pro – For 4 Batteries – Includes: 2x LiPo Safety Bag, 4x Battery Port Cover, 1x Charge Port Cover and Travel Instructions – Ideal Protection Kit for Travel by Airplane – do offer this safe solution… I love strong and high quality two fire resistant bag allow me safely transport up to 4 DJI Mavic Pro batteries in my carry on bag… also extra add on The safety caps for BATTERY PORT PROTECTION is very EASY TO ATTACH and very easy to REMOVE. The safety caps – made out of acid resistant rubber offering extra protection when I put battery inside the Safety Bag… – I love it… good deal
the kit Contents:
– 2x LiPo Safety Bag
– 2x Battery Port Cover
– 1x Charge Port Cover
– 1x Travel Instructions
it good to protect and safely travel with up to 4 Batteries
bottom line it a good buy and must have if you travel a lot like me