love this little soundbar

A great little speaker to have to use with your phone or computer/laptop or 32′ TV
the speaker is easy to move around as it very lightweight.
It’s easy to pair either with your bluetooth or thru NFC if your device has that feature. If you choose not to use either bluetooth or NFC, you can always use the included 3.5 mm cable to connect TV or stereo system device.
it very simple to use as nice voice prompts letting you know when it’s paired or ready to pair.
plus for me having only the one button for both power and volume makes it easy to use. – love the ease of use since as I’m able to use this NFC with my phone. When listening to music, I realized it does have some good bass – good for medium size room This speaker bar is fantastic for every day use. after charging it for 4 hours I could use it for around 13 hours non stop and it did boost the sound of my TV to enjoy few movies in my opinion it AMAZING SPEAKER. Seriously it’s really good! please note this speaker do not have HDMI port… I researched many speaker bars before purchasing this one. The price can’t be beat. Great speaker for the price.
Bass/Sub woofer is good, strong enough to enjoy it
Can get really loud.
Comes with charger cable and aux cord which is great to connect to you tv
love it – amazon link –

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