in my test this SoundPEATS Q18 Did Works longer than most Bluetooth earphones I tested before

This review is specifically for the SoundPEATS Q18 Black model.

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SoundPEATS  makes a lot of headphones and this is by far the best model that I have tested so far. It is light, really good fitting with the ears attachments that cling comfortably to the folds of the ear.

if you take a look at the photos you will see few others similar headphones wired and Bluetooth wireless  I did compare with SoundPEATS Q18 Black model.

after test I come to realize  SoundPEATS Q18 Black model best deal on the market if you calculate quality of sound and durability vs price vs comfortable daily use as day to day Bluetooth earphones on the go…

Product content: Reusable zip case, Bluetooth headset, spare & different sized earbuds, short charging USB Android Cable, instructions.

Bluetooth connected easy to my brother’s Iphone 6S and my Moto G Android phone. No issues. easy to use almost the same as wired phones – plug and play

Red/Blue flashing LED is for pairing, Blue means you’re connected, Red means you’re charging.

everything simple and easy

The ear piece or ear ends that are in contact with the orifices of the ear are super comfortable, The box comes with an good number of types of adapters to fit any ear size (You do get three sets of ear tips)

Charging is done through USB to Micro USB

in my test charge lasts six and half hours easily as I listen my music non stop during my work (in my test this SoundPEATS Q18 Did Works longer than most Bluetooth earphones I tested before.)

USB cable that is included and takes about 2 hours from flat at 0.5mAh. at first  the USB cover is hard to open but it is what expected from Sweatproof Headset good seal for usb charging port

good quality build in by design as the result  you could not only hear is not just basic detail but also more volume and detail. as per my test and comparison to other earphones I like it  SoundPEATS Q18 – better than others it could be

Because of the built-in aptX standard, sound is extremely detailed–even more so than standard corded headphones as they do not decode all the information contained in compressed files–aptX does. The bass is solid and tight, the mid-range and highs are crisp which results in a really colorful and beautiful sound output – I love it

at maximum volume the earphones performed very well, no distortion, the mix pretty much stayed the same quality is consistent no up or down…

I found that the earphones were very comfortable to wear for my whole day These earbuds are definitely comfortable in my case as due to the both ear damage  it not easy to find earphones for my damaged ears, and they block a lot of the exterior sound – very, very important in my case, in my work I really need to concentrate and this earphones do help me keep good focus and block out my surroundings.

earphones made out of the good  new age material  and if used is more pliable and extremely comfortable.

During the tests my brother really like to see on his iphone – [iOS Battery Indicator]
I hope one day my Android phone would have the same App build in by design…

After using awhile, I do find the SoundPEATS Q18 sound to be quite good  – 5 star

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ps:  A sample was provided in exchange for an honest review. Although I got this product at no cost at all, I do not let this offer affect my opinion about it. I test all items and provide a rating that I think it deserves, whether good or bad.


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