Free Heart Health Seminar at Cobourg

Good event run by smart properly educated people – The Health Food Organic Superstore in Cobourg


Digital lifesaver

I keep getting more and more devices what must be charged at least once a day but space on my desk not getting bigger I wanna get the device where I could be in better control of my space plus know what is going on with charge like Amperage I found this USB charging station by iLepo from Amazon Canada –

inside the box I found:
iLepo 8-port usb charging station
120cm charging cable (North America Plug)
User manual
after using it for few times today – I like the LCD screen and plugged in numerous products into the USB Charging Station – saving space on my table and only using one power outlet. – I feel I have better control of my devices…
Charges up to 8 of your devices at once and in safe matter with out damaging device battery as you could see on the display – what is going on
Tells me the amperage it charges at
Very convenient and easy to use
I wish that I could have same device for the car use …

bottom line –
USB Charging Station iLepo 8 Port is a Good device for tech junkie like me whom wants a digital lifesaver. The unit performs good and it easy to use I do like the fact that the USB ports are on the side so that dust does not get in them and it easy to plug in and out usb cables…

I could sleep Now :)

I got to try Natural Sleep Aid
by Natural Factors – I did #GotItFree as use my free coupons free product coupon – to get it
from my local TNS Health Food Organic Supermarket in Cobourg at
after using it I could fall asleep and sleep well during the night
Natural Sleep Aid
by Natural Factors is a good quality product and does work in my case help me sleep and relax my body… thank you for help me sleep 🙂
@naturalfactors @socialnature #GotItFree

EchoTubeZ headset


I’m in the healthy life style… today I try new product EchoTubeZ headset from  – EchoTubeZ headset it a good quality same as good old Uzi reliable item to have around if you want to survive –  designed by smart jewish people and they where kind enough to share it with the world… designed to be very comfortable to wear, but healthy natural sound, magnets that hold the earpieces together is very nice smart touch… thank you – toda raba